Update – Sorry We Fail!

Due to holidayness we have failed to play enough games to do all the reviews! My sister’s gone wandering across Europe and I’m about to go wandering across Wales. So I must apologise that we will not be able to publish our reviews as promised in the June Update post. But we will review Trivial Pursuit and Know it All in July; as well as the Kids Games month we had planned. But until early-mid July it’s unlikely we’ll achieve anything.

I take great solace in the fact that I doubt anyone really cares but great pride in the fact that probably more anyones care than those that would have cared around 5 months ago!

Anywa;y I hope you all have wonderful holidays planned, with plenty of games and craziness! So this is goodbye for at least two weeks or so… Hopefully less, but I make no promises.


The UK Games Expo!

So on Saturday the 31st of May we went to the UK Games Expo in Birmingham. It was amazing! We’d been debating about going for all three days, but decided to go just for the day as we were unsure if it would be worth it or not. On reflection we can say it’s definitely worth going for the full thing and we will be going for all three days next year! Anyway, being the proud owners of a video camera we took that with us and videoed some bits; here’s what happened:

Because it was in Birmingham it was a LONG day; we left our house in London at 5am and got home at 11pm, give or take a bit, and all that for only six hours or so at the Expo.

The Biggest Problem With The Expo Was Staying Rich!

All the things we bought!
All the things we bought! And the programs.

We bought three board games, some surplus canvas boards that looked cool and a whole load of games pieces. Now that may not seem like much but actually that was about £100 worth of stuff… Totally worth it. Especially as all the games are AMAZING! The Firefly game is quickly becoming my new favorite game!

Chris Barrie Was There:

As you may have noticed from the video (if you watched it) Chris Barrie was there, who is famous for portraying this man/hologram:

So that was really cool as I’m a HUGE Red Dwarf fan!

What I Realised…

…Was that there are WAY more people into board games than I thought. There’s a lot of people doing really cool stuff and developing really really cool games. Like the Ragnar Brothers who are in the throes of developing a really cool looking card game called Steam Donkey, having had a little help from Kickstarter. That will definitely be a game we’ll be getting and reviewing once its released.

To Conclude:

The Games Expo was AMAZING and we’re definitely going back next year. Also if you live in the UK and like that kind of think I can’t recommend it enough.

Update June – 2014

So this month is going to be Quiz Games (with the exception of the first game). I’m not a huge fan of Quiz Games because I consider myself a man who knows quite a lot about quite a lot of things… But just not any of the answers to any Quiz question asked EVER. I might see how it goes by keeping a tally of how many questions I collectively get right across the four Quiz games we do and publish it in the next Update post. Anyway, these are the games we’re doing:

Games for June: – Quiz Games

Monday the 2nd – Mastermind

Monday the 9th – Tension

Monday the 16th – Taboo

Monday the 23rd – Trivial Pursuit 

Monday the 30th – Know it All

Other Things to Note:

  • We’re going on holiday! This coming month is when we’re both going on holiday; my sister is away for the best part of a month and I’m away for a few weeks in that time as well. So the posts that go up may be boring and short because we have no time. Additionally it’s possible something may be late or missed but, we’re trying to avoid that.
  • The board game cake my sister made for Scrabble went down quite well as a post, so we might try to do a board game cake a month starting from next month or whenever we have the time.
  • Time sucks! We have so many ideas and plans but NO TIME! Which I’m sure is a problem most people most places suffer from, but we’re working on cool things in regards to videos, our own game developments and just playing as many games as possible but unfortunately we’re doing them all so slowly it almost hurts. One day all cool things will surface!
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Update – May 2014

So this month we’re going to do something that might be considered a little boring… We hope you agree that it’s not, but this month is Classic Games Month! Obviously we’ll try to put give fun and interesting take on them and it should be good as we have just ordered a video camera… So (hopefully) our first fun video will go up this month, depending on time. We tried to think of the most monolithic and iconic games we could think of. Here’s what we came up with:

All the games for this month!
All the games for this month!

Games for May: – Classic Games

Monday the 5th – Monopoly

Monday the 12th – Clue

Monday the 19th – Scrabble

Monday the 26th – Battleships

Other Things to Note:

  • As you may have noticed the site structure has change just a little, with the Games We Have and Games We Want pages now being subcategories of the Games We… page. On top of that there’s the new Games We’ve Made page, which is very small at the moment but will get bigger soon.
  • This is because we’ve published the rules to a card game we’ve invented called Crush the Crown! Check it out and let us know what you think.
  • Also we FINALLY have a video camera (it arrived today, so I’m super excited) so expect cool videos soon.
  • Lastly we’re going to the UK Board Games Expo at the end of this month so expect some awesome posts about that.

The Stoning of Mark Meaning…or the Meaning of Marker Stones!

I’m writing this post because the last review post (Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery) before this was our 50th post! YAY! Also March was full of marker stones; we passed 1000 views (and then 1600), we gained 40 followers (and then 47), 3 months of meeting deadlines without failure (please don’t jinx it), over half a year of blogging, our highest view/visitors in one day record so far… And our highest amount of views in one month by quite a lot!

Thud Mile Stone!
Thud Mile Stone!

Now, to some of this, you might go “HA! it’s taken them over half a year to even have 1000 people look at their blog” well to you I say… It’s a board game blog, not exactly current events or something with fire in it. We understand that in many respects what we blog about is quite niche and probably not something people will want to read every post of. It’s more likely that people will find the posts when they’re looking up particular games (or at least we hope so) which makes subscribing to our blog less likely than say, a blog on food or sport. So the 1000 marker stone is quite a big one for us, especially when you consider we’re not the only people existing in this niche, there are many other board game review sites/blogs that make cool exciting videos (we’re working on that) not to mention Board Game Geek which dominates the landscape for all board game knowledge.

Thank you

So really what I’m saying to anyone reading this is thanks a lot! It’s very encouraging to see progress, to see that, even though it’s slow, you’re making progress, the amount of views we get per day is steadily increasing. We haven’t had no views in a day in a very long time and getting less than 5 is now rare. We’re well on our way to 2000 views, in the same month that we hit 1000, that’s pretty nice going. You could say “Don’t judge it all by the statistics” but what’s the point of writing if no one reads it? The statistics let us know someone’s reading, and that means there’s point in writing.

Update – April 2014

This month is going to be Card month! Yes I know there are enough card games in existence to fill a whole blog just with card games but we’ve picked a few of our favorites, a couple of classics and a couple of less classics, and perhaps we’ll do another card month next year and do a few more games. Also these posts will probably be quite short in comparison to our other posts as the games are mostly quite small and simple in comparison.

All the Games for this month...and our awesome card shuffler...if you don't have one get one.
All the Games for this month…and our awesome card shuffler…if you don’t have one get one. Also our awesome custom Tame the Board Game cards.

Games for April: – Cards!

Monday the 7th – Switch also known as Blackjack

Monday the 14th – Five Card Draw Poker with our Jack Daniels Poker set

Monday the 21st – Pit

Monday the 28th – Irish Snap

Other Things to Note:

  • As you may have noticed we’ve added a picture of all the games of this month to this update, this will now be a common thing with every update post.
  • Rules to our very own card game Crush the Crown will be going up sometime this month (hopefully) and we’ll be asking for feed back. All you need is a standard deck of cards and a friend so get ready!
  • Also we have gone back through all our old posts and added our ratings of them and updated the games we have page accordingly.
  • This month we’re also thinking of starting to hyper-link inside the posts so from an index at the top you’ll be able to jump to any section of the posts. We hope this will make the layout more accessible.
  • Penultimate we have to put a huge thanks out to grognard.com who are a website all about war games! Thanks to them posting our posts our viewing has gone through the roof this month and there’ll be a post specifically on that tomorrow. So go check them out.
  • Because of this we have decided to: a) include links to other suggested reviews of that game in out posts from now on (if there are any) and b) in the update post for each month a few links of websites that will be worth checking out inline with that months theme. So below this you’ll find some suggested sites.

Sites on Cards:

  • Pagat.com – For any and (mostly) all card game rules for any games you wanna play.
  • Card Game Reviews Blog – Not the most imaginative name for a blog but a solid site for card game reviews and somewhat fitting after my comment: “there are enough card games in existence to fill a whole blog just with card games”.

  • Play Some Card Games Online – And finally a place where you can play some card games online.

Update – March 2014

This month is going to be themed Conquest, Survival and Civilization Games. Long have I been a fan of RTS (real time strategy) computer games, basically having been addicted to Red Alert back in the day and it still probably being one of my favorite computer games of all time. So naturally, I quite like the idea of these games, as they’re a table top version of the same thing; additionally I used to be a big fan of Warhammer in my early teens so this a slightly less costly version of that too. However, the first game in this month doesn’t fit quite so nicely with the others but we figured it had to go in somewhere as my amazing sister got it for me for my birthday and its one of our favourite games! Also the last one is a bit of an odd fit but likely you can see how they’re kind of related.

Games for March: – Conquest, Survival and Civilization Games

Monday the 3rd – Escape from Atlantis

Monday the 10th – Battle Cry

Monday the 17th – Conquest of the Empire

Monday the 24th – The Settlers of Catan

Monday the 31st – Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery

Other Things to Note:

  • Ratings system! As I should have mentioned before we’ve taken to rating games out of five, and we’ve even done it in pictures of little chess pieces that can now be seen at the top of our review posts! Additionally, if you actually go to the post rather than viewing it on the home page you’ll see there’s a function to rate it yourself out of 5 stars at the top; if you give it a high rating we’ll assume you’re rating the quality of the post, if you give it a low rating we’ll just assume you’re rating the game and you don’t like it very much.
  • Another point of interest is, to highlight some movements in the games, we started making stop-motion animated gif pictures that are pretty cool and will hopefully get cooler as we get better at it. Check out our first one of The Luggage in the Guards! Guards! post HERE and expect a few more in the coming months.
  • I (David) have also started another blog that’s about freedom, philosophy and just obscure things; it’s called Illusion of Free Will check it out by clicking that hyperlink, it’s full of obscure thoughts that cross my mind.
  • Lastly, we’re thinking of putting a word limit on our posts to try and force us to be concise, is this a good idea? Are our posts too long? How can we make them better? Let us know in the comments.
  • And just because this picture made for twitter to promote our Cripple Mr. Onion post is so cool, here it is again:


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The Games We Have – Update

We decided, in our infinite genius, to get all the game we have together for a photo…we under estimated a bit how many game we actually had. This is what happened after A LOT of arranging:

All the games we have as of Febuary 2014.
All the games we have as of February 2014.

A Tad Excessive?

Don’t be ridiculous, of course it’s not. There’s no such thing as too many games! Now not all of them are ours. The ones on the left at the top are mine and the ones on the left at the bottom are my sister’s, but the rest are communal family games… Our love of games had to come from somewhere!

A Bit of a Thought:

So from this picture of the collection of our games we decided we were going to make a “Games We Have” page as well the the “Games We Want” page to keep a catalogue of all the games we have and to mark the ones we’ve played, the ones we’ve reviewed, and how we rate them. So up the top now you should see “Games We Have” and “Games We Want“. Check them out and feel free to recommend games by commenting on the “Games We Want” page and see what our favourite games are on the games we have page and how many of these 100+ games we still have to play!

Update – February 2014

This month is going to be themed Terry Pratchett month (or more like, board games inspired by works of Terry Pratchett) but that’s somewhat long winded! If anyone reading this is unaware of Terry Pratchett and his works, you must be educated now! Start by clicking THIS hyper link and picking a book, then buy it, then start reading. You could start at the beginning (a very good place to start) with The Colour of Magic. Then watch at least a couple of the films made from his books (I would suggest Hogfather followed by Going Postal) then even perhaps find the stop motion version of Truckers (which you can watch on YouTube HERE) and watch that (its not half bad) and then watch the animated TV series of Wyrd Sisters and of Soul Music. And after all that perhaps even listen to the Steeleye Span album Wintersmith inspired by the book of the same name. Then after you’re familiar with all that come and finish reading this post and then play the board games!

We’ve reviewed the games in publication order going from oldest to youngest and the last one will be the newest game we have looked at so far, having only been published in 2013.

Games for February: – Terry Pratchett

Monday the 3rd – Thud

Monday the 10th – Ankh-Morpork

Monday the 17th – Guards! Guards!

Monday the 24th – The Witches

Other Things to Note:

To my infinite disgust we now have a Twitter page. It took us a while, but we finally came to terms with the thought that it might be a good idea. Check it out HERE! Follow it etc.

The Twelve Games of Christmas – 2013 page is GONE! Having finally let go of the Christmas magic we took the stand alone page down. However the individual posts can still be found and brought together if you click on the category for them.

We have some very exciting ideas for future video blogs but are fundamentally stumped by our lack of a decent camera, but good ideas are in the works and will hopefully be a reality in a few months or less. SO, for now you’ll have to live with videos like the one we made of the game play of OSKA – which you can see HERE!

Along with Breach The Keep we have two other games in the works. One is a card game called Crush the Crown! Which we will be posting the rules for soon and hoping for (but not expecting) some feedback! There is another, far cooler, project in the works which will be posted about soon, so definitely look out for that.

This may be a premature announcement but we are having a website built to host internet versions of games we design starting with Breach The Keep. However, it’s in early stages, but is coming along nicely so expect it, but not for half a year or so.

And don’t forget to like us on facebook HERE!