Update – May 2014

So this month we’re going to do something that might be considered a little boring… We hope you agree that it’s not, but this month is Classic Games Month! Obviously we’ll try to put give fun and interesting take on them and it should be good as we have just ordered a video camera… So (hopefully) our first fun video will go up this month, depending on time. We tried to think of the most monolithic and iconic games we could think of. Here’s what we came up with:

All the games for this month!
All the games for this month!

Games for May: – Classic Games

Monday the 5th – Monopoly

Monday the 12th – Clue

Monday the 19th – Scrabble

Monday the 26th – Battleships

Other Things to Note:

  • As you may have noticed the site structure has change just a little, with the Games We Have and Games We Want pages now being subcategories of the Games We… page. On top of that there’s the new Games We’ve Made page, which is very small at the moment but will get bigger soon.
  • This is because we’ve published the rules to a card game we’ve invented called Crush the Crown! Check it out and let us know what you think.
  • Also we FINALLY have a video camera (it arrived today, so I’m super excited) so expect cool videos soon.
  • Lastly we’re going to the UK Board Games Expo at the end of this month so expect some awesome posts about that.

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