In the sunny summer months of 2013, Dave and I had a lot of free time, which we whiled away playing board games. During this idyllic time the idea was born that we should start a blog, and share our love of games with the world! Hence the existence of this blog.

The below picture is several years old now, but I currently don’t have anything to replace it with.

This one
Us playing a game. Left: Miriam. Right: David.

It’s been three years since that peaceful time, and lots of things have changed for us; chiefmost being that we no longer live in the same country. However! We agreed that neither of us wanted to shut the blog down, and so, embracing the challenges of playing games with a person more than 700 miles away, we are striving to continue our reviews but with slightly different roles than we started out with.



 Age: 25

 Favorite Game: Chess – It’s a classic for a reason!

 Works as a freelance web-designer at : dfdesigns.org

 Posts As: illusionoffreewill


Age: 21

Favorite Game: Escape From Atlantis – swim to safety, or get eaten by a sea Monster? Who knows!

Posts As: manaiaclemim


To find out exactly what’s been happening, and what’s going to be happening around here, please check out our monthly Update posts, as these are the most accurate way of knowing what’s in the works!

We welcome feedback, suggestions and comments about games we’ve reviewed, games you might think we should Review, or general game-related shenanigans, to get in touch with us, you can leave comments on the blog, tweet us or use our Contact page!

We promise to try and answer everyone!



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