Games We Want:

On this page we hold a list of games we would like to play and/or plan to buy:

  1. Horus Heresy Board Game – Based in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.
  2. Six Men’s Morris – An alternative versions of Nine Men’s Morris played on a slightly varied board and rarer than Nine Men version.
  3. Fanoron-Telo, Fanoron-Dimy – variations of Fanorona, played on smaller boards, generally harder to find and less well-known.
  4. Alquerque – the same game family as Fanorona and its variants, played on a five by five board.
  5. Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs – A race against volcanoes, dinosaurs and other explorers to claim the treasure of the valley.
  6. Munchkin Quest – Basically about killing monsters, getting treasure and stabbing your friends!
  7. Anti-Monopoly – Self-explanatory?
  8. The Game – A German dice game which is actually 50+ games. Finding a copy of this is hard and I really want it so if anyone’s got any helpful suggestions to find it that would be great?
  9. Ticket to Ride – Build train routes across North America, that’s mostly all there is to it.
  10. Axis & Allies – Play as the Axis or the Allies to change the course of history and the outcome of WW2
  11. Twilight Struggle – USA vs Soviet Union, fight over the ruins of the post-WW2 world to make your superpower the greatest!
  12. Pandemic – Fight virulent diseases to control epidemics and research cures in order to save the population of the world!
  13. PAC-MAN Game – Play the video game on a board, fight the ghosts and eat dots and power pellets.
  14. Skybridge – A Wooden game made by the same company that made Quarto.
  15. Infection: Humanity’s Last Gasp – An awesome looking virus game.
  16. Splat – a play dough children’s game. Enough said.
  17. Schinderhannes – A crime game, based on the true events of the life of Johannes Bückler in the 18th/19th centuries.
  18. Tikal – The first game in The Mask trilogy; an exploration game set in the Central American jungles.
  19. Mexica – The final game in The Mask trilogy; players plot the development of the city Tenochtitlan on lake Texcoco and attempt to divide it into districts, build buildings and develop canals.

Feel free to suggest games in the comments at the bottom to be added to our list or even include links to online versions of the game.


2 thoughts on “Games We Want:

    • I have done! Thanks for the recommendation! I’d heard of the game before, but we’ve never actually come across it or played it or anything, so it’s definitely on there. We are avid Monopoly players in general, I think we’ve got five different editions of it now… 🙂 🙂

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