The Stoning of Mark Meaning…or the Meaning of Marker Stones!

I’m writing this post because the last review post (Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery) before this was our 50th post! YAY! Also March was full of marker stones; we passed 1000 views (and then 1600), we gained 40 followers (and then 47), 3 months of meeting deadlines without failure (please don’t jinx it), over half a year of blogging, our highest view/visitors in one day record so far… And our highest amount of views in one month by quite a lot!

Thud Mile Stone!
Thud Mile Stone!

Now, to some of this, you might go “HA! it’s taken them over half a year to even have 1000 people look at their blog” well to you I say… It’s a board game blog, not exactly current events or something with fire in it. We understand that in many respects what we blog about is quite niche and probably not something people will want to read every post of. It’s more likely that people will find the posts when they’re looking up particular games (or at least we hope so) which makes subscribing to our blog less likely than say, a blog on food or sport. So the 1000 marker stone is quite a big one for us, especially when you consider we’re not the only people existing in this niche, there are many other board game review sites/blogs that make cool exciting videos (we’re working on that) not to mention Board Game Geek which dominates the landscape for all board game knowledge.

Thank you

So really what I’m saying to anyone reading this is thanks a lot! It’s very encouraging to see progress, to see that, even though it’s slow, you’re making progress, the amount of views we get per day is steadily increasing. We haven’t had no views in a day in a very long time and getting less than 5 is now rare. We’re well on our way to 2000 views, in the same month that we hit 1000, that’s pretty nice going. You could say “Don’t judge it all by the statistics” but what’s the point of writing if no one reads it? The statistics let us know someone’s reading, and that means there’s point in writing.


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