Update – January 2014

A Happy New Year to you all and I hope it’s been a good year so far! This is something we’re going to start doing monthly; an update post! … Everyone’s favorite type of post (heavy amounts of sarcasm implied upon that, in-case anyone didn’t get it). In these update posts we will tell you the four games we’re doing for the coming month and the dates they’ll go up, along with any other developments of interest, of which there will hopefully be a fair few in this coming year, so keep your eyes open because otherwise you may miss an opportunity to gain something awesome!

Additionally we will be theming the months, for example this month is Old (usually) Wooden Games. And with any luck the last post of each month (or the second to last post) will be accompanied by a video blog… But don’t hold me to that.

Games for January: – Old (usually) Wooden Games

Monday the 6th – Solitaire

Monday the 13th – Shove Ha’penny/Rebound

Monday the 20th – Oska

Monday the 27th – Go

Other Things to Note:

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve upgraded to our own domain name, we are now just www.tametheboardgame.com!

We’ve also started a facebook page so come give it a like HERE!

AND we’ve updated our About page so go check it out!

Also also! Banner change! We’ve changed our banner so the backdrop of it is some games we’re going to review this year, in the same way that last years one was all games we reviewed last year (excluding Thud, which is still in this banner backdrop as we will be reviewing it this year).

The Boards to Breach The Keep have finally arrived! So sometime this month a post about the ever developing-ness of that will go up and the progress that has been made is rather note worthy but I’ll leave all the to the actual post!


Update – The End of 2013 and The Start of the Year of the Board Game!

Some Changes and the Future:

So we’ve been looking at the way we do things and have come up with some ways to make things better (we hope) and to make this more like a real website with more structured content and more things to do! Starting in the new year we plan to implement a few things:


Regular posting! Monday evening will be “Tame the Board Game Day” with new posts going up once a week every Monday. Unless we’re doing a specific event or its a “Breach the Keep” post which will come as the game develops and I get all the different aspects of it in order ready to actually Give Away! But they will now be separate posts and never added on to the end of anything else.


We’re re-thinking the format of our posts, we aim to make them more accessible by adding a standard structure and also giving aspects of the game a rating as well as giving the game an overall rating.


A Video Blog! We’re hoping to add a video blog to compliment our existing posts, we will aim of at least one video a month to go with one of the posts in the month. However, this may prove more challenging as we have to find time where both me and my sister are around and ready to film, which is proving hard.


We will expand into social networking…I really don’t want to do this, as I hate social networking, but it seems to be the way to get places in this day and age so we will be setting up a facebook page at some point in the new year!

But Before All That:

We have a few things to finish this year off. We have two more normal game posts going up before Christmas, then we have the “Twelve Games of Christmas – 2013”  which, for every day of Christmas, we will put up a brief post of a game with the same amount of players as the day… Well up until about seven players then it might just be other games we recommend.

Then we will be doing a “Drinking Games” Special for  New Years eve (of course) to give you something to do at your wild house parties!

That’s all for now, keep reading!