Update – February 2017

It’s February!

Let’s review how well I’m doing with my New Years Blogolutions:

  1. To try and post as regularly as I can, even if it means sitting in Starbucks for five hours writing posts.

Well, I haven’t been to Starbucks, I will admit, but that’s only because there isn’t one near where I live now, and it’s very cold outside. But! I have achieved regular posting even if I haven’t achieved the desired every Sunday for Catan posts and Wednesdays for other stuff.

2. To follow through on all my plans for the year at least long enough to see if they’re worth making a permanent feature.

I’ve done okay at this one. I’ve achieved two posts for the Games You Can Make At Home series, and one Catan post, so that’s one new thing and the theme both present there! However…. I haven’t managed to research any games. Things have been busy round here and my internet access is rubbish at the moment. But I’m getting proper Wifi on the 6th, so I should be able to pick things up then!

Other update news…. The next game in line with #Discworldathon is Guards! Guards! which will (fingers crossed) be going up in the middle of the month. The re-readathon for that is being hosted by A Novel Haul here on WordPress and also Twitter with the handle @anovelhaul. So feel free to follow up on what she’s up to with the re-readathon.

That’s everything for now, if we’re lucky I’ll get a post up on Sunday, we’ll have to see.

Over and out~



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