On The Eighth Day Of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me…

Labyrinth – and asked me to get lost in one when I won.

The Rules:

The board is laid out randomly with movable square pieces. One piece is left over on the side and the youngest player takes the first turn. Before the game begins you have to shuffle the Treasure Cards and put the pile face down by the side of the board. Then flip over the top card. The first player then pushes one row either vertically or horizontally down/up or left/right so that the spare piece is now on the board, and a different piece has fallen off. Next they move their coloured token to try and claim whichever treasure is shown on the face up card. A player can move any number spaces in any direction on their turn so long as there’s a path. If they succeed in claiming the treasure they take the card and the next one is turned over. Play then passes to the next player. The game continues like this until all the cards are claimed. The player with the most treasure wins.

For Christmas?

Yes and no, this game is good, fun and easy to play, so excellent for families of mixed ages. My only reservation is that it can drag on a little. So I would say, yes for Christmas, but put some kind of time limit on it so everyone doesn’t get bored – otherwise you’ll just give Aunt Jean something new to complain about. On the other hand, yesterday was New Years Eve and all the adults may be slightly hungover, so for that this is a good game – it’s got next to no rules, so isn’t difficult to think about, and it doesn’t make any noises!

Happy Eighth Day of Christmas and Happy New Year! Drink lots of water and try not to throw up if you were out partying last night!